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The Intangible Christmas!

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The Intangible Christmas!

Often during the holidays we think back on hopefully our fondest memories. One such memory is the Christmas Play at Desert Christian Fellowship. It was a beautiful night and full of excitement. We had spent days building the set, and doing our best to come up with costumes. The three wise men were the wisest of men. In the prime of their lives just giving thanks to the Lord with much laughter. Every child had a part as the story was told watching a big cardboard TV set. It was awesome. Our friends and families were all there to help us celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The play was full of vigor. Then, a hush came over the room.  Dennis and Sara began to sing “Mary did you know.”  It was an unforgettable moment. The presence of the Lord filled the room. I don’t know if they were experiencing what we were feeling, but the sense of glory and awe was magnified at that moment. We were all being blessed. Now, when we hear “Mary did you Know,” it takes my entire family back to when Sara and Dennis sang under the anointing of the Lord! I don’t think there has been a Christmas since then that we don’t think about that night. No one jumped around or even moved, but it filled us.  All of us. It was intangible.  We could not bottle it up and take it with us. But, somehow it stayed right in our hearts. In our memories of Christmases, we shall never forget.

May your celebration of the birth of Christ, be blessed with awe and glory. May the presence of the Lord fill your life with Joy and laughter. May the magnificence of Christmas becomes one of your fondest memories. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.


HeartVision Church wishes you a Very Merry Christmas!

Pastors Willie and Rochelle McIntosh!


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