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We Love Jesus


Our Vision

Touching the hearts of men and women throughout the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:20 

Helping people come to the call of God.

Willie and June Rochelle McIntosh began their ministry together while in college at North Carolina A&T State University, in Greensboro, NC. While in college they were both leaders in the United Christian Fellowship Church. They hold in high esteem Dr. Ralph Ross, Director of Religious Affairs, for his invaluable mentoring during their leadership at NC A&T State University. They eventually moved to Phoenix, AZ were they became credentialed Pastors in the International FourSquare Church. During their time in Arizona they helped plant New Life FourSquare Church and Desert Christian Fellowship FourSquare Church. They developed a great love and friendships for all who they worked within the move of the Gospel. In 2010 through the leading of the Holy Spirit they moved to the state of Virginia where they were led to fellowship with Centreville Presbyterian Church under the leadership of Pastor Rob Bromhead.

In 2017, they began to plan Missional Communities.  They continue to rejoice in the Word of God being spread throughout the world and spoken in many languages. All praise and glory to our Lord and Savior.

Let's go missional community